Starting four months before the scheduled end of a grant, ORS will send the Principal Investigator, on a monthly basis, a notification that the expiration date is approaching. This notification will include the scheduled end date and the current expenses relating to the budgets (grant and cost-share).

Upon receipt of this notification, the Principal Investigator should consider two questions:

  1. Does the project need additional time for completion?
  2. Are the project funds being spent (and any cost-share requirements being met) according to schedule?

If the project requires additional time to complete, the PI should take the steps necessary to obtain a no-cost-extension if sufficient funds are available.

If the project funds are not being spent at the correct rate (resulting in either under-spending or over-spending), the PI should consider the following:

  • Are the correct individuals being compensated at the correct percentage under the grant?
  • Has financial aid been correctly applied to the grant?
  • Were Voucher Payment Requests incorrectly coded?

Answers to these questions can be found by reviewing the grant's MOBIUS REPORT.

If the grant is to end on schedule, please proceed to the GRANT CLOSEOUT page.