Once it has been determined that a grant project is going to be closed, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure the following actions have been completed either before or immediately after the ending date has passed.

  1. Ensure that all grant-funded procurements have been completed, encumbered as a Purchase Order, or submitted as a voucher BEFORE THE END DATE OF THE GRANT. *This is very important in that only expenses incurred prior to a grant's end date are allowable.  Restricted Accounts may send the PI accrual worksheets to itemize any incurred expenses not yet posted to the account.
  2. Prepare any final technical reports required by the sponsoring agency.
  3. Contact the Manager of Restricted Accountsin the Controller's Office to coordinate any final financial reports.
  4. Determine to which Department full-time staff previously paid (either entirely or partially) under the grant will be moved. Provide this information to the Manager of Restricted Accountsin the Controller's Office.
  5. Contact Procurement Services (2-5273) to invalidate any ProCard accounts assigned to the grant.
  6. Inform the proper individuals in Facilities and Tele-communications to inactivate the grant accounts for copiers, telephones, and postage. *Copiers: 2-6285, Phone: 2-8172, Postage: 2-8878
  7. Within 60 days after the grant end date, ensure all encumbrances have been cleared.

If any salaries or purchases are transacted after a grant's ending date, the Principal Investigator will be notified by Financial Affairs and must provide alternative chartfields for the specified expense.

The Restricted AccountsStaff at the Controller's Office will be responsible for

  • Ensuring a timely submission of any financial reports to the sponsoring agency
  • Closing the grant account within PeopleSoft
  • Collecting any outstanding revenue / payments from the Sponsoring Agency
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