​​​DePaul University is now soliciting applications for the second round of the DePaul University and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) collaborative research pilot grant program. These internal grants of up to $100K are designed to foster the development of inter-institutional collaborative research projects between DePaul and RFUMS investigators that:

  • result in high-impact peer reviewed publications, and
  • “seed” larger, long-term extramural funding by federal or private granting agencies for new collaborative research between the two institutions.

New, revised, and continuation applications, are being accepted for consideration in Round 2. All submissions are evaluated using a peer-review process.

Each interested applicant team is required to submit a required letter of intent, as per the attached instructions, no later than Friday August 22, 2014. Full applications, which required advanced ORS institutional review and approval similar to proposals to external funding agencies, are due no later than 5 pm, Monday, September 15th, 2014. Proposal submissions are evaluated using a peer–review process. Letter of Intent/ Application information can be found at the following links:

  • Program Announcement
  • Modified R21 Format Document
  • Cover Sheet PDF ( note for DePaul this documents serves as both the Routing Sheet, Face Page, and Abstract referenced in the Program Announcement)
  • Budget Page
  • DePaul Proposals Review and Approval Process: Proposal should be entered into the ORS Web-based approval for institutional review and approval approximately 4-7 working days in advance of the 9/15/14 deadline by one of the DePaul Co-PIs. To review ORS will need your completed cover sheet, budget page, budget narrative, and a draft of your research strategy. Upon review by ORS, proposals will route to your Dean’s Office and Department Chair for review and approval. Upon receipt of all approvals, ORS will sign your cover sheet and return it to you for coordination with your RFUMS colleagues and / or email submission as per the attached Program Announcement. Submission of the final PDF'd application should be made by only one DePaul-RFUMS Pilot Team member as per the Program Announcement.

Additional Information that may also be helpful: