Many stakeholders within the academic area of the university are periodically in need of assistance with technology projects. Information Services accepts project requests that are submitted to that office using the IS request template. To ensure that the available resources are utilized according to commonly agreed institutional priorities, all project requests are reviewed by the IS Advisory Committee, containing representation from all divisions of the university. Academic Affairs is represented on the advisory board by one dean and one associate provost.

Project requests are evaluated according to perceived importance and compliance implications. Projects are then queued according to the results of the board's rankings, awaiting resources to be assigned for development. The current queue of projects awaiting resources can be seen on the IS website.

IS Advisory Board

Robert McCormick, Information Services, co-chair

David Miller, College of Computing and Digital Media, co-chair

GianMario Besana, Academic Affairs

Jon Boeckenstedt, Enrollment Management & Marketing

Ron Eisenstein, Alumni Relations

Christina Kallenborn, Human Resources

Paula Luff, Student Records

Ellen Meents-Decaigny, Student Affairs

Patrick Meehan, Student Government Association

Sherri Sidler, Financial Affairs

Steve Vining, Facilities Operations

Scott Walter, DePaul Libraries

Michael Wright, Student Records