​DePaul University's current strategic plan, Vision 2018, places an emphasis on academic excellence that we in Academic Affairs are proud to champion in every way possible.

In particular, the plan's first goal - Enhance Academic Quality and Support Educational Innovation - resonates fully with Academic Affairs because that goal presents an abundance of opportunities for us to improve what we do and how we do it. Goal 1's four objectives:

  1. Focus the entire university community on student learning and success;
  2. Build and retain an outstanding, diverse faculty, empowering faculty to realize their potential as teacher-scholars;
  3. Develop distinctive, high-quality academic programs; and
  4. Enhance the visibility and profile of the university

Provide Academic Affairs with specific challenges that will, when met, result in a reinvigorated academy that is an ever stronger embodiment of a Catholic, Vincentian, and urban institution of higher learning.

We in Academic Affairs look forward to meeting those challenges.