The Quality of Instruction Council (QIC) supports faculty efforts to enhance the curricular offerings of DePaul University.  This support is provided through the programs listed below.  You can reach the QIC by emailing

QIC Programs

For Individual Faculty

For Groups of Faculty

For Academic Units


Quality of Instruction Council Members

​Doris Rusch ​CDM School of Design ​x2-5783
​Dexter Bullard ​Theatre ​x5-7922
​Sanjay Deshmukh ​Finance ​x2-8472
​Cindy Durtschi ​Accountancy ​x2-8789
​Shayna Connelly ​CDM School of Cinematic Arts ​x2-8907
​Martin Luby ​Public Service ​x2-7408
​Christopher Jones ​Music
​Joanna Gardner-Huggett ​History of Art & Architecture ​x5-2856
​Jonathan Gross ​LAS ​x5-1780
Martha Pagliari​ ​Law ​x2-7304
Beverly Trezek​ ​Education ​x5-4620
​Leah Bryant ​Communication ​x2-7948
​Stephanie Triller Fry
Ex officio:
​School for New Learning ​x2-7631
​Lawrence Hamer ​Academic Affairs - QIC Chair ​x2-7230
​Cate Eckstrom ​Office of Research Services ​x2-5412