Important points to consider when filing an appeal

  • Only a first violation can be appealed.
  • An appeal must be made on the following grounds:
    • Violation did not occur
    • Instructor’s sanction is excessive/inappropriate
  • The deadline for appealing is the end of the 5th week of the quarter following the quarter in which the violation occurred (this excludes Summer session; a violation that occurred in Spring or Summer can be appealed until the 5th week of the Autumn)
  • If you do not attend your appeal hearing your case may not be heard and the instructor’s sanction will stand.

How to file an appeal

You must file your appeal through the "For Students" section on Campus Connect.  Click on the link "Appeal Academic Integrity Violation" and follow the instructions.

Additional Appeal information

  • You will need to present your appeal at an AIB appeal hearing.  The instructor who issued the violation will also be present.
  • No further penalty will be applied to the student as the result of an appeal hearing.
  • If you have already been informed that you are subject to a mandatory hearing, you do not need to file an appeal.  You will have ample opportunity at the hearing to present your perspective on the violation and the Board will review the case on its merits to determine whether a violation occurred before reviewing the sanction. 
  • Contact a Student Consultant if you need further clarification about the appeal or hearing process