The University Research Council (URC) supports the faculty's research, scholarship and creative activities through competitive grants and leaves.  In addition to helping faculty maintain their intellectual vitality, the grants and leaves are intended as a stepping stone for securing external funding.  Faculty should consult with the Office of Research Services (ORS) for assistance with external funding resources. You can reach the URC by emailing


URC Programs

For Individual Faculty

For Groups of Faculty

For Academic Units

University Research Council (URC) Members 

Claudia Anderson​ ​Theatre ​x5-4661
Jason Bystrianksy​ ​Biology ​x5-8726
​Katherine Brucher ​Music ​x5-4383
​Amira Proweller ​Education ​x5-4320
Christopher Kalis
​Computing & Digital Media
​Alexander Rasin ​Computing & Digital Media ​x2-7008
​Gagik Aroutiunian ​Art, Media, & Design ​x5-4039
​Deborah Holton ​School for New Learning ​x2-8595
​Helen Lavan ​Management ​x2-8539
​Lisa Mahoney ​LAS ​x5-4621
​Charles Naquin ​Management ​x2-5237
​Joshua Sarnoff ​Law ​x2-6326
​Robert Steel ​Computing & Digital Media ​x2-5849
​Ilie Ugarcovici ​Mathematics ​x5-1354
​Yueseung Kim ​Communication ​x2-6029
​Ex officio:
​Lawrence Hamer ​Academic Affairs - URC Chair ​x2-7230
​Cate Ekstrom ​Office of Research Services ​x2-5412