Adjunct Faculty Networking Event

  Adjunct Faculty Networking Event (05.09.2017)

DePaul’s adjunct faculty members are a versatile group -- qualified academics, researchers, working professionals, artists, retirees and other talented individuals working with a common dedication to teaching and to DePaul. In recognition of the many ways they enrich academic life, the university offers a wide array of services and benefits to support them in their role as members of the faculty. Visit the resources available through the links below to learn more.  

Hiring and Benefits
Learn about applying for adjunct faculty positions at DePaul, an online orientation, guidelines for adjunct faculty employment, benefits available to adjunct faculty and the instructions college follow for adjunct faculty evaluations. 

University and Teaching Resources
This collection of websites will help you to better navigate the university and find resources that DePaul makes available to adjunct faculty members to benefit your teaching. 

Voice in University and Department Academic Life
Adjunct faculty members exercise their voice through the Workplace Environment Committee (WEC), an elected body that functions as a focused and responsive vehicle for voicing and resolving workplace concerns, and the Committee on Contingent Faculty, which is part of Faculty Council. 

Professional Development Opportunities 
DePaul offers many opportunities for adjunct faculty members to connect with colleagues and develop their teaching skills in an instructional setting. 

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