​By submitting fees to DePaul University for your event, your group (hereinafter referred to as the "Event Sponsor") is agreeing to the Room Reservations Guidelines & Conditions for Academic Buildings contained herein.

  1. License to use the Facility:  It is understood that the relationship between the parties is that of licensor and licensee, and not that of landlord and tenant.  DePaul University may cancel the reservation or event at any time if the Event Sponsor, in the University's discretion, no longer meets the eligibility requirements for using University resources.  Assigned space may be changed to make best use of the facilities for all University purposes.
  2. Date, Time and Location:  The date, time and location of the event are listed on the event confirmation email.
  3. Fees:  The fees due for the event are listed on the event confirmation email.  The Event Sponsor agrees to pay the fees as outlined.  These charges may include but are not limited to the following: room charge, set-up/tear-down fees, staffing fees, equipment/resources rental, security, on-duty staff, parking and any other charges dictated by the details of the event.
  4. Catering:  DePaul University holds an agreement with Chartwells Dining Services that names Chartwells as the exclusive catering provider for on-campus events.  Any food or drink involved in the event must be provided by Chartwells Dining Services.  The Event Sponsor agrees to adhere to the catering exclusivity between DePaul University and Chartwells Dining Services and agrees to pay all associated fees.  Fees associated with catering and food and drink service will be listed on the Event Order provided by Chartwells Dining Services and must be paid according to the terms listed on the Event Order.
  5. Deposits and Payments:  At the time the reservation is made a deposit equal to one half (50%) of the total estimated fees (not to include catering fees) is due.  Full payment is required no later than the day of the event.  Additional charges due to adjustments made after full payment is made will be billed the day of the event and are due immediately.
  6. Cancellation:  To cancel this reservation, the University must receive written notice from the Event Sponsor of its intent to cancel no later than five business days prior to the event.  All monies paid will be refunded to the Event Sponsor if notice of cancellation is received at least five business days prior to the event.  Events cancelled less than five business days prior to the event will be refunded 50% of the total event fees.
  7. Failure to Pay:  The Event Sponsor agrees that if the group fails to pay the charges or any part thereof, all remaining obligations of the University for this or other reservations cease upon written notice mailed to the last known address of the Event Sponsor or its representative.  In any case, all amounts owed to the University, thereunder, which are more than thirty (30) days past due shall be subject to a service charge of 15% per month (or such lesser amount as is the maximum amount permitted under applicable law).  The Event Sponsor shall reimburse the University for all collection costs, including professional fees and other expenses incurred in enforcing collection of amount owed, whether or not legal action is instituted,
  8. No Warranty / As-Is:  DePaul University makes no representation or warranty of any kind (express or implied) regarding the suitability of the premises, as built or maintained, for any aspect of the Event Sponsor's intended use.  The Event Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that the Event Sponsor has made an adequate investigation and inspection of the premises and its own determination regarding the suitability thereof for the Event Sponsor's intended use.  The Event Sponsor further acknowledges and agrees that the premises shall be delivered by DePaul to the Event Sponsor "as is", "where is", and "with any and all faults", and without any representation or warranty of any kind (express or implied), and shall be used by the Event Sponsor for the event at the Event Sponsor's own risk.  DePaul undertakes no obligation whatsoever for the safety or security of any property or person, including, but not limited to, the Event Sponsor, or any of the employees, subcontractors, agents, representative, participants, invitees, or attendees to the event.
  9. Damages and Losses:  The Event Sponsor agrees that all participants are under the direct supervision and control of the Event Sponsor and that DePaul University has no supervision or control over such participants.  The Event Sponsor is liable for, and will reimburse the University for, all damages resulting from participant utilization of facilities and services to the University.  The University assumes no responsibility for loss or theft of personal property of the Event Sponsor or event participants.  The University retains the right to require that the Event Sponsor remove any group participant from University premises for cause.
  10. Outside Vendors:  Outside or third party vendors are required to sign a separate contractual agreement with the University.  This agreement establishes the vendor's legitimacy, their awareness of University Policies and Procedures, fees, and their need to provide proof of liability insurance coverage.  If the Event Sponsor enters into a third party contractual agreement for services or equipment to be provided in the facility for the event, the University must review the contract for compliance for University standards policies, laws and regulations.  The University reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, any provisions of the third party agreement.
  11. Insurance:  The Event Sponsor shall procure and maintain throughout the event commercial general liability (CGL) and, if necessary, commerical umbrella insurance with a limit of not less than $3,000,000 each occurrence.  If such CGL insurance contains a general aggregate limit, it shall apply separately to each event.  CGL insurance shall cover liability arising from bodily injury/property damage, personal/advertising injury, contractual liability, completed operations liability and product liability.  There shall be no endorsement or modification of the CGL limiting the scope of coverage for liability arising from pollution, explosion, collapse, underground property damage, employment-related practices, or damage to the work.  DePaul University, its officers, directors, trustees, employees, and agents shall be included as an additional insured under the CGL.  This insurance shall apply as primary insurance with respect to any other insurance or self-insurance programs afforded to DePaul University.
    1. Acceptibility of Insurers:  All insurance described above shall be placed with insurance companies licensed to do business in the State of Illinois, and with a minimum rating of A-VII from the AM Best Company.  DePaul University reserves the right to reject insurance written by an insurer it deems unacceptable.
    2. Evidence of Coverage:  Prior to the Commencement Date, the Event Sponsor shall furnish DePaul University with a certificate(s) of insurance showing compliance with the insurance requirements described [herein].  All certificates shall provide or 30 days' written notice to DePaul University prior to cancellation [or material change] of any insurance referred to therein.  Failure of DePaul University to demand such certificate(s) or other evidence of compliance with these insurance requirements or failure of DePaul University to identify a deficiency from evidence that is provided shall not be construed as a waiver of the Event Sponsor's obligation to maintain such insurance.  Failure to maintain the required insurance releases from DePaul from any obligations.
    3. No Representation of Coverage Adequacy:  By requiring insurance herein, DePaul University does not represent that coverage and limits will necessarily be adequate to protect the Event Sponsor and such coverage and limits shall not be deemed as a limitation on the Event Sponsor's liability under the indemnities granted to DePaul University.
    4. Cross-Liability Coverage:  If the Event Sponsor's liability policies do not contain the standard ISO separation of insureds provision, or a substantially similar clause, they shall be endorsed to provide cross-liability coverage.
    5. Waiver of Subrogation:  The Event Sponsor waives all rights against DePaul University and its officers, directors, trustees, employees, and agents for recovery of damages to the extent these damages are covered by the insurance maintained pursuant to this provision.
  12. Affiliation:  The Event Sponsor may state on promotional materials that the event will be located at DePaul University, but the Event Sponsor shall not, without prior permission, otherwise use DePaul University trademarks, represent or imply that it is affiliated in any way with the University other than as a licensee, or represent or imply that its activities are endorsed or approved by the University.
  13. Indemnification:  To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Event Sponsor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold DePaul, its affiliates, trustees, directors, officers, members, faculty, employees and agents harmless from any and all rights, actions, claims, demands, liabilities, expenses or damages, including attorneys' fees, which may accrue against DePaul or any of its trustees, officers, directors, members, faculty, employees or agents for any injuries or damages to persons orproperty, as well as costs or expenses sustained or received, as a result of or in connection with
    1. the use of DePaul's facilities for its event or
    2. the presence of any persons, property or invitees of the Event Sponsor on or about DePaul's facilities, or
    3. any breach of any representation or warranty by the Event Sponsor or
    4. for any negligent acts or omissions or the willful misconduct of the Event Sponsor or its employees, agents or participants provided, however, that the Event Sponsor shall not indemnify DePaul for any such rights, actions, claims, demands, liabilities, or damages which may accrues as a result of or in connection with the gross negligence or willful misconduct of DePaul or any of its trustees, officers, directors, officers, employees or agents.  The Event Sponsor further agrees to indemnify DePaul for any and all damages toDePaul facilities, space and property arising from use or misuse of DePaul facilities by the Event Sponsor or its employees, agents or participants.
  14. Legal Compliance, Policies, and University Mission:  The Event Sponsor, its employees and participants are required to adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and all University policies and guidelines, including as applicable, the policies of the DePaul University Student Center.  DePaul University reserves the right to cancel or suspend any space reservation or event if all applicable laws and policies are not followed.  DePaul also reserves the right to require the removal from the event and campus any participant who violates any university policy or guideline, or any state, local or federal law.  The Event Sponsor represents and warrants that the purpose of the event and any activity undertaken as a result thereof will be in accordance with DePaul's mission.  As a private University, DePaul reserves the right to reject any group or group activity whose purpose, in its sole discretion, is in conflict with the mission of DePaul or which may inflict damage to the reputation of DePaul.
  15. Event Times:  All events must start no earlier than one half of an hour after the facility opens and must conclude no later than one half of an hour prior to the closing of the facility.  The Event Sponsor will be charged $100 for hour that the event extends beyond facility hours.  Fees will not be prorated.
  16. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction:  These Guidelines & Conditions shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Illinois.  The parties agree to use the State of Illinois for jurisdiction and the County of Cook as venue for any disputes between the parties.


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