Academic Affairs encourages and supports data-driven decisionmaking. To that end, reports are created and made available to appropriate audiences throughout the academic year:

University Data

Institutional Research and Market Analytics
This office frames and informs the institutional strategic dialogue, building a culture of evidence in support of planning and management, as agents of change at DePaul and in higher education generally.

Fact File
Provides standardized data on students, faculty and staff, and the university to help frame and inform the institutional strategic dialogue and build a culture of evidence in support of planning and management.

Faculty Data

Faculty Data
Provides faculty and staff statistics, compensation studies and faculty and staff survey results.

Faculty Teaching Reports
The Quarterly and Fiscal Year Financial Reports include the College/School Teaching Reports with data on credit hours taught by different types of faculty, faculty course loads, etc.
Additional reports are made available to select audiences on an as-needed basis.

Financial and Enrollment Data

Enrollment/Revenue Models
Provides school/college and university student headcount, credit hour and tuition revenue data by quarter.

Enrollment Data
Enrollment data provided by Enrollment Management and Marketing.

Quarterly Financial Reports
The Vice President for Finance produces the Quarterly and Fiscal Year Financial Reports.

Annual DePaul University Budgets
​​The information and materials contained in DePaul University's Annual Operating Budget Reports is intended for internal university use only. Republication or external use (outside of the university) of these materials is strictly prohibited.​​​