Enhancing educational quality and providing strategic support for many academic pursuits is the most important goal at DePaul University. The Office of Academic Affairs, under the leadership of the Provost, provides the strategic direction to make that possible, striving to improve academic quality, teaching excellence, scholarly research, service and diversity.


Faculty Resources

Faculty at DePaul contribute to the university’s mission through their teaching, research and service activities, and their efforts are supported in a wide variet​y of ways.

Academic Leadership Resources

The development of its deans, chairs, and other administrators is an essential part of Academic Affairs as it strives to achieve the university’s goals. Numerous efforts are in place to provide opportunities for individuals to better understand, and pursue, leadership roles in DePaul’s academic units.


The governance of DePaul University originates with the Board of Trustees and is shared with various constituents of the university, including the administration​, faculty and staff. Faculty Council is the entity through which faculty formally participate in DePaul’s shared governance.

Faculty Council
The Faculty Council is the primary body through which faculty share in the governance of DePaul.

Faculty Handbook
The Faculty Handbook specifies faculty’s role in the governance of the University.

Fiscal Management

Strong and healthy enterprise-wide relationships are essential to achieving the university’s strategic goals, and in support of that balance Academic Affairs established the Academic Fiscal Administration unit, which facilitates appropriate actions/resolutions related to academic financial, space and academic personnel matters.