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St. Vincent de Paul Award

The Saint Vincent de Paul award is the university's highest honor. It is conferred on very special occasions to persons who exemplify the spirit of the university's patron by serving God through addressing the needs of the human family.

Past Recipients

2011 Muhammad Yunus
2011 Sister Carol Keehan, D.C.
2011 Monsignor Michael Boland
2002 Edward A. Brennan
1999 Sister Mary Rose McGeady, D.C.
1995 Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
1992 Oscar Arias Sanchez
1990 Tadeusz Mazowiecki
1989 Lech Walesa
1983 Amin A. de Tarrazi
1980 Mother Marguerite
1979 Monsignor John J. Egan
1978 Lilo and Michael Salmon
1977 Monsignor Ignatius D. McDermott
1976 Patricia C. Crowley
1975 Sister Julia Huiskamp, D.C.
1974 Dorothy Day
1973 Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.
1972 Dr. Percy Trevethan
1971 Mahalia Jackson
1970 W. Clement Stone
1969 Clair M. Roddewig
1968 David M. Kennedy
1967 Arthur J. Schmitt
1966 Richard J. Daley
1965 Monsignor Vincent W. Cooke