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Gerald Paetsch Academic Advising Award

​The Gerald Paetsch Academic Advising Award recognizes members of the university community who demonstrate excellence in advising undergraduate and graduate students. The awards are announced to the university community and presented at the annual Academic Convocation.  Questions and comments about this award may be directed to the DePaul Academic Advising Network​


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Nominations for the Gerald Paetsch will close on May 8th.

Past Recipients

Faculty Award - Elizabeth Kelley, Professor (Women's and Gender Studies)
Faculty Award - Harold Streeter, Senior Professional Lecturer (School of Computing)
Staff Award- Rhonda Barstosik, Academic Advisor (College of Business)
Staff Award - Katie Duclo (School for Public Service)

Staff Award-Rikki Eul-Assistant Director of Advising (Driehaus College of Business)
Staff Award-Lauren Upton-Assistant Director of Advising (College of Communication) 
Staff Award-Gina Anselmo-Assistant Director (Career Center)

Staff Award-Cathy Alonzi Gill-Associate Director (Driehaus College of Business)
Lauren Paez-Associate Director of Academic Advising (College of Science and Health)
Faculty Award-Lisa Sedor-Professor-(Driehaus College of Business) 
Faculty Award-James Phelps-Assistant Director-(English Department)

Faculty Award - Ann Russo (Women's and Gender Studies)
Faculty Award - Andre Berthiaume (College of Digital Media)
Staff Award - Erin Berkowitz (College of Science and Health)
Staff Award - Ocelia “Faye” Harris (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)

Faculty Advisor: Theresa Luhrs
Faculty Advisor: Kelly Tzoumis
Staff Advisor: Phyllis Bailey
Staff Advisor: Jaclyn Hugg
Staff Advisor: Phil Verpil


Staff Advisor: Shaye Loughlin
Staff Advisor: Ellen Dawson
Faculty Advisor: Sheena Erete
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Conary