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Frequently Asked Questions


This year Vincentian Service Day will take place on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Given the ongoing reality of the pandemic, participation in VSD this year will be remote and asynchronous to allow for everyone to join from wherever they are currently living. When you participate that day will be up to you!

This year’s event will look very different from previous years due to social distancing.  Please plan to commit to approximately 1-2 hours on Saturday, May 1, 2021.
DePaul students, faculty, staff should register here.
DePaul alumni should register through the alumni events page.
YES! Registration will close on Monday, April 26th at 11PM. 
Those who register by the April 26th deadline will receive a confirmation email on Thursday, April 29th with details and instructions for their VSD involvement. 
Only DePaul students, faculty, staff, and alumni can register. However, friends, family, and roommates are welcome to join you as you do service remotely.

Yes! We encourage those who did not register but still want to participate to fill out this form. We’ve also included some suggestions below for how you can join the DePaul family around the world today in sending out a ripple of creativity and love. 

Participate in VSD Acts of Solidarity

Call someone who is alone or isolated and be ready to listen. 
"I would truly like to know how you really are."
--Louise de Marillac, letter to Vincent de Paul January 4, 1660

Schedule a virtual cup of coffee or tea with a neighbor, colleague, friend, or family member.

Send someone a picture or meme to invite a smile or laugh.

Text or write a note to those who might be lonely, reminding them that they are not alone.

Post or share a story on your social media that you find inspiring.

Share your skills with a friend or family member via video call (cooking, dance, music, sports, etc.).

Decorate and place a sign in your window sharing hope and encouragement for your neighbors.

Create two moments today:  Self-Care and Care for Family/Community
Take care of yourself:  Rest, read poetry, tap into your creative side to alleviate your stress or anxiety.  Be aware of you and you can be aware of others.  By taking care of yourself, you are better able to serve others!
Do something inside your household or extended family.  Surprise your roommate, your children, your spouse, your parents, a grandparent, or a relative.  Surprise them with something they’ll enjoy!