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The Vincentian Studies Institute has committed itself to the publication of an ongoing series of scholarly monographs.  These book length works typically provide in-depth studies of historical figures, moments, and movements in the Vincentian tradition.

The series began in 1996, and to date includes:

The Vincentian Family Tree, by Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 1996), 255 pp. Traces in exact detail the “genealogical” roots of the entire Vincentian Family worldwide.  An enormous undertaking, Sr. McNeil has been widely praised for the groundbreaking nature of her work.  A remarkable resource for those who wish to study this complex history.

Jean-Baptiste Étienne and the Vincentian Revival, authored by Edward Udovic, C.M., (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2001), 350 pp. This work looks at the pivotal and controversial role of Jean-Baptiste Étienne (14th superior general) in the remarkable Vincentian revival following the chaos and destruction of the French Revolution and Napoleonic eras.  Robert P. Maloney, C.M., praised this fascinating study “for helping us grow in insight into this complex man’s thoughts and actions.”

Frontier Missionary, Felix de Andreis, C.M., 1778-1820, Correspondence and Historical Writings, by John Rybolt, C.M. (Chicago: Vincentian Studies Institute, 2005), 508 pp.  A comprehensive collection of the letters and writings of De Andreis documenting his thoughts and actions on the mission, and ultimately his long journey from Italy to America, and across the vast frontier to St. Louis.  This publication marked the introduction of a new graphic look for the series with a glossy full-color cover and numerous illustrations and maps throughout.

Sister Rosalie Rendu: A Daughter of Charity on Fire with Love for the Poor, by Louise Sullivan, D.C. (Chicago: DePaul University, Vincentian Studies Institute, 2007). This most recent monograph is the first definitive biography of Sister Rosalie Rendu. In 19th century Paris, her works of charity in the infamous Mouffetard district for those who were poor, her works to benefit women and children, her tireless efforts during the cholera epidemic and along the barricades during times of revolution, and, of course, her collaboration with Frédéric Ozanam, earned Sister Rosalie the gratitude of an entire nation.  This book celebrates Sister Rosalie’s life, works, and ultimately her beatification on 9 November 2003.

All of these monographs are available through the Vincentian Heritage Department, found at the Bookstore linked to this page.

The Vincentian Studies Institute welcomes the opportunity of reviewing proposals for future monographs in this series.  We would ask that you contact us for further details.