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Who May Apply

The research grant is open to all qualified individual applicants, including faculty and doctoral candidates, especially from universities and colleges in the Vincentian and Setonian tradition. Independent scholars, organizations and Institutions are also eligible to apply for funding.

Individual Applicants

If you are applying as an individual seeking a personal grant, and your application is approved for funding, you will be required to provide a social security number to DePaul University. This is done for tax purposes as the university is required to send you a 1099 form per Federal Tax Law. If you are a group of individuals seeking funding you will need to provide social security numbers for each person, and you will need to designate one person as the primary grant director. This individual will specify how the funds will be distributed among the group. 1099 forms will then be sent to each individual in the group for the dollar amount designated per person by the grant director.

Institutional / Organizational Applicants

If you are an organization seeking funding, and your application is approved, you will be required to provide a tax identification number for your institution. The contact information for your institutions Grant Program Director is also required. The director will be responsible for signing off on the application, along with any co-recipients, and for accepting the conditions of the grant in writing before the funds are released. This is particularly relevant should you be faculty/staff seeking salary reimbursement (or buy-out) for time devoted to research. In this case, your institution or organization must apply for the grant on your behalf and must provide the information detailed above.

Application Process

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. A completed Application form, either Individual or Institutional.
  2. Title and brief description (3-5 pages) of the research project. This will include a list of repositories where research will be conducted, and a time line for completion of research.
  3. A budget outline detailing your anticipated expenses as precisely as possible.
  4. A resume including academic standing, professional experience, and publications.
  5. At least two letters of reference.

Personal Application and Institutional Application forms are available per request.

  • The deadline for submitting an application is October 1st.
  • Announcements will be made by November 30th.
  • No applications will be considered until all materials have been received.


Should your grant be accepted, the Vincentian Studies Institute reserves the right to offer partial or conditional funding. This includes specifying a later date of funding based upon monies available to the Vincentian Studies Institute Grant Program for a given year.


Brief progress reports will be required once-per-year for the lifespan of the grant / research, with a more substantial final report due at the completion. Depending on the length and nature of the grant other reporting may be required.


Receipt of the grant must be acknowledged by the researcher, in all public forums in which the results of the research are presented


Grant recipients are encouraged to submit an article, monograph, or book based on their research for publication by the Institute. Articles will be published in Vincentian Heritage, the journal of the Vincentian Studies Institute; Monographs and books will be published as a part of the Institute’s publication series.


To apply, or for more information, contact Mr. Nathaniel Michaud, DePaul University Vincentian Studies Institute, 55 East Jackson Blvd., Suite 850F, Chicago, Illinois, 60604; phone: 312/362-6169; fax: 312/362-6606; e-mail: nmichaud@depaul.edu.


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