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Past Grants

As an example, past research grants awarded through this program have included significant financial contributions to:

Dr. Joyce Lindorff, Temple University

To support her study with Dr. Peter Allsop, Exeter University, U.K., of the life and work of Teodorico Pedrini, an 18th-century Lazarist priest chosen by Pope Clement XI to spend his life as music master to the Emperor of China. Plans include first-hand research in the archives of Rome and Paris, and publication of their findings.

Charles R. Kaczynski

Whose dissertation on the history of Polish confreres in the United States, the Polish Vice-Province, and the New England Province, "Bands of Brothers: The Negotiation of Identity within the American Congregation of the Mission and Its New England Province, 1903-1999" will require first-hand research at the Archives of the Polish Province, Krakow, Poland, and the Curia Archives, Rome, Italy.

Richard Cleary, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Whose proposal "The Congregation of the Mission and Architecture of the Catholic Church in Antebellum Texas" addresses the Gothic Revival and the significance of buildings constructed in that style in the mid-nineteenth century. Research at DeAndreis / Rosati Memorial Archives, and Notre Dame, is expected to lead to a substantial article or possible book.

Dr. Simone Zurawski, DePaul University

To aid her first-hand research in Paris on "The Art and Architecture of Saint Lazare, and the Iconography of Saint Vincent de Paul." This ongoing project will result in the publication of a monograph.

Dr. Alan Sweeten

An independent historian and researcher from California, whose study of "Vincentian Missions in Rural Jiangxi Province, China", required access to Vincentian letters archived at the Mother House in Paris. The resulting research eventually contributed to his book Christianity in Rural China: Conflict and Accommodation in Jiangxi Province 1860-1900, published in 2001 by the University of Michigan Press.

Dr. Carol Harrison, Kent State University

Whose proposal "The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and Catholic Fraternity in Postrevolutionary France", necessitated first-hand research in Rome. The resulting work will be included in her book, tentatively titled Restoring Catholicism in Postrevolutionary France: Gender, Belief, and Secularization, 1801-1870.

Carole Garibaldi Rogers, independent historian

To aid her project, launched in 1998 at the College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ, to record, document and preserve an oral history of Catholic women. Titled "Handing on the Charism: An Oral History Project", it is hoped the resulting work will deepen our understanding of the impact of the Vincentian / Setonian tradition on contemporary women, how the charism has been communicated, and, based upon this study, to establish a historical resource at the College of Saint Elizabeth for students and scholars.

Richard J. Janet, Ph.D., Rockhurst University

Proposed "The Decline and Fall of St. Mary's of the Barrens Seminary: A Case Study in the Contraction of an American Catholic Religious Order", a historical study of the decisions to close the seminary and dispose of its property, analyzing the consequences upon the Vincentian and local communities. The grant replaced a summer teaching stipend, enabling time to conduct first-hand research in Perryville and Saint Louis and covering traveling costs. The ensuing article will appear in Vincentian Heritage. Dr. Janet's work led to interest in producing a book on the history of St. Mary's Seminary, and his second proposal "In Missouri's Wilds: A History of St. Mary's of the Barrens Seminary and College, 1818-2000" has resulted in further significant funding in order to support his ambitious three year research project.