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Victoria Simek


Currently I am the associate director for the DePaul STEM Center. The mission of the Center is to provide high quality math and science instruction and professional development for both internal and external audiences. In my daily work I wear many hats – budget manager, compliance steward, event planner, office manager – but my greatest joy comes from working with our undergraduate students pursuing careers in math and science.

Over the years I have held several positions at DePaul and been very involved in the community, serving on various local and university wide committees, including as Staff Council president from 2008-2010. In May I was reelected to Staff Council and will serve as Secretary for two years. Recently I was inducted into the university’s 25 Year Club. I earned both my BA (CMN ’90) and MA (Writing ’93) from DePaul.

Why DePaul?

My first experience at DePaul was an overnight college visit, and I was immediately drawn to the campus, this community, and Chicago.  As the daughter of a career Army father, I was ready to put down roots after moving every two years. Thirty-one years later I find myself still at DePaul.  In the late 1990s, I left the university very briefly, thinking I needed to work somewhere else to grow professionally. I quickly returned to DePaul, realizing that what I truly wanted was to work at an institution whose mission and values were aligned with my own. Every day this community inspires me to follow in St. Vincent’s example of service. There is something about this place that is home, our house where we instruct our students to be whole people who change the world, where we support our faculty and staff to be the best in their fields,  and where we strive each day to serve our city, and our world. 

Why VMI?

Having been at DePaul for so long, I feel that I have internalized the mission and do my best to live it in my daily work. But I have very little experience with the Vincentian or Catholic educational teachings. In 2004 I participated in the Vincentian Heritage Tour and found the experience to be transformational in my understanding of who St. Vincent de Paul was. I hope my work in the VMI will be equally transformative.