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Simon Gray

joined Niagara University as its Director of Athletics in June 2014.  Before coming to Monteagle Ridge, I served as the Senior Associate Director of Athletics at Eastern Kentucky University for nine years.  A Pittsburgh native, I earned my B.A. in journalism from the University of Richmond and a M.S. in sports administration from Eastern Kentucky University.

Why Niagara?

From the first time I stepped on campus, it was readily apparent that the people of Niagara University are a special group.  The individuals are exceedingly caring and dedicated to the mission of the institution and its students.  I have personally witnessed numerous occasions where people have proactively jumped at the chance to assist others. Our core values align.

Why VMI?

While I have worked at public, private, and Catholic institutions during my career, this the first chance that I’ve had to play a leadership role on such a spirited campus.  The VMI offers me a chance to better understand the teachings of St. Vincent and how they apply to the decisions that have been made in the past and the inspiration for the decisions still to be made in the present and the future.