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Kathryn Shaughnessy

Kathryn Shaughnessy
As a Faculty Librarian, my interests revolve around the "Social Justice” dimensions of access to information, and to the technologies/tools which increasingly mediate access to information. At St. John’s, my research interests and projects revolve around information ethics [chiefly information & technology literacy and information fluency] and increased access to information through technology, [particularly open access and scholarly communication initiatives]. Current activities include (1) developing open access and OER resource collections, stemming from resource-support for SJU’s MA program in Social Justice and Global Development; (2) working with the University's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to help faculty integrate new technologies into teaching, research, and lifelong learning; (3) working with Vincentian Center to promote Social Justice literacy in academic and civil sectors; additionally, as part of  I serve as an expert observer for the Holy See Mission to the UN the Committee on Information, and 2nd and 3rd Committee agenda items dealing with Education, ICT and Women’s issues. Professionally, I serve on the executive Board of ACRL-NY (2010-), and was elected to the Executive Board of National Catholic Library Association, (2015-2017. Professional collaboration projects include (1) working with Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Library Association to promote resources and curriculum development for the promotion of “Social Justice Literacy” and (2) promoting Higher-Education use of OERs as part of the inaugural Community Representatives cohort for the Digital Public Library of America.

Why St. John’s?

I chose to work at St. John’s specifically because of the Social Justice mission.  I see my  work as a Librarian to be meeting a fundamental need for information, and that access to the information/resources people need at any given time can be a social justice issue. I was glad to see the commitment to overcoming Digital Divide at St. John’s through the Laptop program, and saw an opportunity for facilitating both research/Information literacy as well as technology literacy for St. John’s community

Why VMI?

I am intrigued by the possibility of increased collaboration between the Vincentian Campuses to explore ways to meet the Vincentian Mission goals of serving the poor through our institutions and academic programs.  I am looking forward to learning more about the Vincentian charism, and to meeting our colleagues from across the Vincentian Schools.  Specifically, I am hoping to find better ways for us to collaborate in the promotion Open Scholarly resources;  in the short run, this helps keep the cost of textbooks down, in the long run, it ensures greater access to information for our graduates, who may intend to continue to do research in service of alleviating poverty, and need access to reliable, scholarly information to do so.