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Jennifer McClelland


I started full-time at DePaul in 2002 while completing my MS in Public Service Management.  While at DePaul, I have held multiple positions from Assistant Director of International programs in the Office of University Initiatives, to Operations Manager for the College of Commerce, to my current role as Assistant Dean of Budget Administration for the College of Computing and Digital Media.  Before coming to DePaul, I was as a community organizer and policy associate on issues related to education, poverty and domestic violence.  I have volunteered as a member of Staff Council and the DePaul Women’s Network, and have a Certificate in Values-Centered Leadership.

Why DePaul
Prior to joining DePaul, I worked at multiple non-profit social services agencies.  These agencies advocated for women’s rights, pushed for affordable housing and organized community members around issues of concern. When I decided to leave the social service field, it was important for me to choose an organization that reflected both my personal and professional goals.  One of the best parts about working at DePaul is being an active participant in a mission-driven organization.  While I continue to advance in my professional career at DePaul, I am also able to take advantage of the opportunities that a mission-driven organization has to offer.  It is easy to lose sight of what is most important in the course of our everyday lives.  The DePaul community reminds me often that we must continue to ask ourselves the Vincentian question of “What must be done?”


I have been at DePaul for 15 years this December.  I am invested in this institution and the mission and believe my participation in VMI will be an invaluable experience.  Developing relationships and collaborating with colleagues in similar roles across DePaul, St. John’s, and Niagara will provide me with new insights and a better framework for integrating the Vincentian values of St. Vincent de Paul into my everyday interactions at DePaul.  I hope through my active participation in VMI I can continue to give back to an organization that has given me so much.