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Chandra Foote


I came to Niagara University in 1996 as a faculty member in the College of Education after completing my doctoral studies in psychology at Syracuse University.  Over the next 20 years I was engaged in teaching courses in child and adolescent development, educational psychology, educational research, and culturally responsive motivation and management.  After serving as Program Coordinator, Accreditation Coordinator, Department Chair, and Associate Dean, I became Dean of the College of Education in 2016. 

I have a variety of research interests focused on improving teaching and learning with a co-authored book on teaching strategies to engage adolescent learners, and published journal articles with colleagues in The Journal of Effective Teaching and Language Assessment Quarterly.  I am also passionate about inclusive special education with articles in the International Journal of Special Education and American National Biography.  

Why Niagara?

I came to Niagara University for the opportunity to work with wonderful faculty colleagues at a time when there was a huge need for teachers in western New York and southern Ontario.  I stayed for 20 years because it feels like “home”.  People here are friendly, inspired, and supportive; and together we help our students develop into alumni who make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Why VMI?

I am honored and excited to participate in the Vincentian Mission Institute because I believe the work of St. Vincent DePaul is clearly aligned with the work I do at Niagara in leading programs dedicated to education and counseling for those living on the margins.  I believe that a deeper understanding of our Vincentian heritage will help me  become a better dean, and I believe that collaboration with individuals from our Vincentian sister schools will help us find synergies to meet our common mission.