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Student Leaders 2006

DePaul tour participants included:

  • Tracy Ackron
  • Toye Adeyemo
  • John Allen
  • Dantee Arias
  • Nicole Ashmus
  • Teri Blazek
  • Martise Cooks
  • Bridget Crowell
  • Richie Diesterheft
  • Katie Elarde
  • Shante Gerron
  • Joshua Grode
  • Christopher Khalid
  • Jamie Klein
  • Emily Kraus
  • Midhun Joseph Mani
  • Megan Miskiewicz
  • Monique Norrington
  • Anjli Patel
  • Jamal Salem
  • Gina Sanchez
  • Amanda Taubman
  • Thuy Tran
  • Courtney Underwood
  • Jessie Vazquez

The following comments from a few of the students’ papers demonstrate the impact the trip has upon the participants:

  • “At the time of Vincent de Paul, women were still seen as property of men and could not do anything on their own.  However, Vincent saw how capable women really were and how they could make a difference in society.  Vincent looked to Louise (De Marillac) for much guidance and direction and saw her as a collaborative partner in his efforts – not as a subordinate.”

Traci Ackron, LAS ‘06

  • “Without a doubt, Saint Vincent de Paul, the patron saint of charity, brings a sense of pride and nationalism to the French people, but the question must be asked, “Is Vincent’s life trans-historically relevant outside of France?”  As a soon-to-be graduate of DePaul University, I feel that I have the education and experience to answer this question.  In turn, I have the responsibility to educate others about my conclusion and hopefully further the awareness of the Vincentian mission.”

Bridget Crowell, LAS, ‘06

  • “In 1617 Vincent DePaul was asked a simple question by Madame Marguerite François de Silly de Gondi, ‘What must be done?’ This question of conscience would ultimately lead to the formation of the Congregation of the Mission, the Daughters of Charity and the St. Vincent DePaul society. To begin contemplating the question, one must first inquire within, ‘What must I do?’ By starting with asking ourselves we place the responsibility on no one else.

Joshua Grode, MUS, ‘06

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