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Student Leaders 2004

DePaul tour participants included:

  • Jonathan Assell
  • Ellen Barrett
  • Cornel Benford II
  • Mary Jean Candioto
  • Derek Chandruang
  • David Coronado
  • Laura Garza
  • RoseMary Gonazalez
  • Candice Harris
  • Jamila Jones
  • Julie Markus
  • Meghan McInerney
  • Erin Mink
  • Devin Novgorodoff
  • Kamillah Ong
  • Nicole Smith
  • José Soto
  • Maria Lourdes Vibandor
  • Leanne Higart

Some representative comments by participants in the evaluation after the experience include:

  • The memory of St. Vincent had his works loomed in every church we viewed but Vincent was not only a memory.
  • We represented a Catholic, Vincentian and Urban university that embodies the values, vision, and mission of Vincent. Students who leave DePaul, do so with a worldview and an understanding that they can lead the world through change and betterment.
  • It was an opportunity for me to better understand and appreciate the mission and values St. Vincent de Paul set forth and also understand the significance of these actions and how they are imbedded into DePaul University and campus life.
  • After seeing all of the sites firsthand, I now have a greater understanding of how the Vincentian legacy came into existence and thrived, providing a rich context of the work being done by the Vincentians.
  • I needed to take care of things in my life that were inauthentic and start living a life that was authentic. The memory has now become something more personal not only because I experienced it, but because it gives me something to look back on and try to understand what being a Vincentian means.

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