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Student Leaders 2003

DePaul tour participants included:

  • Sucharita Banerjee
  • Srilakshmi Bondalapati
  • Colleen Fulara
  • Martin Gadzinowski
  • Salvador Garcia
  • Kathleen Karp
  • Michael McKeon
  • Guinevere Moore
  • Juan Morado, Jr.
  • Leah Neubauer
  • Richard Peralta
  • Dennis Protasio
  • Liliana Rodriguez
  • Claudia Rojas
  • Carianne Smogor
  • Mary Elizabeth Sturgeon
  • Rishona Taylor

Some representative comments by participants in the evaluation after the experience include:

  • "I never imagined the impact that the Vincentian Heritage Tour would have on my life. However, learning about St. Vincent De Paul's actions while he was trying to make a difference in society and witnessing the sites where St. Vincent De Paul once lived was a real inspiration to me and I will never forget the experience."
  • "Father Udovic's Life and Times of Vincent DePaul course and the Vincentian Heritage Tour were designed to allow us to get to know the real Vincent DePaul, and I can say with confidence that I truly do understand how the Vincentian mission must play a role in my life."
  • "Throughout my time at DePaul I have been committed to the Vincentian Mission and have sought out opportunities to learn more about St. Vincent, as well as, the Vincentian Family and the Works of Charity they are involved in around the world. So, taking the class "The Life and Times of Saint Vincent de Paul" was very special because I really felt as though I was learning about the history of my Vincentian Family."
  • "In taking the class for the Life and Times of St. Vincent DePaul, I learned how the university connects to us as students for the future and as its roots for Vincentians since its conception."
  • "This course, paired with the Heritage Tour experience, has helped me to not only understand the mission of DePaul University, but has also helped me to see that this mission is still very alive today and is a mission that I can strive to uphold as a member of the DePaul Community."
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