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Faculty and Staff Tour 2004

DePaul Tour Participants Included:

Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries Enrollment Management/McNair Scholars
Alicia Alvarez Law
Matthew Budzik Academic Affairs​​
Cary Cline University Libraries
Rosemarie Cooper University Libraries
Anne Crylen Vincentian Urban Educators
Maria Dominguez-Perea Enrollment Management/Graduate & Adult Recruitment
Joseph Ferrari Psychology LA&S
David Gitomer Religious Studies
Gary Harper Psychology LA&S
Jean Harrington Information and Application Services
AnJanette Hosley Office of the Dean/School for New Learning
Lee Hubbell Vincentian Urban Educators
Christine Johnson Academic Affairs
Camille Anderson Licklider Office of Development
James Licklider Office of University Initiatives
Bridget McCloskey Development/College of Commerce
Sarah Hart McGuinnis Office of the EVP Operations
Jennifer Michals Liberal Arts and Sciences
Linda Morrissett University Libraries
Mark Pohlad Art and Art History/LA&S
Carol Sadtler Enrollment Management/Marketing Communications
Warren Schultz History: LA&S
Karen Scott History/Catholic Studies: LA&S
Victoria Simek Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Center, LA&S
Rosa Soto Enrollment Management
Jacqueline Taylor Communication, LA&S
Geraldine Timm Office of the Chancellor
Thomas Drexler University Mission and Values
Edward Udovic University Mission and Values
John Rybolt University Mission and Values

Group members were asked to share their experiences with their colleagues after returning to DePaul. They were also asked to submit two short reflections on the effect's of the trip on their work at the university and how they used their experiences in their work.

Selected Comments from Trip Participants

  • "As a Catholic at a Vincentian university, I understand my vocation of teaching as a form of service. But like many contemporary academics I spend a good deal of time doing administration. I am sometimes hard put to see the relationship between my administrative work and my Christian vocation. Seeing the scope of Vincent's charitable "operation" and the tremendous administrative effort needed to make this charity happen, I am able to connect activities such as program review, budgeting, even report writing (!) with the aim of the mission."

  • "...this trip did exactly what it should have done, what I think educational travel should do - it should take us out of out comfort zone and it should compel us to reexamine ourselves. Now with over a month's distance from the trip, I am able to ask myself these questions, and not just on a superficial level. How am I living the mission of the University? How do I take the values that I say DePaul stands for and manifest those in my life? How do I become more active in my community?"

  • "There is also the sense that you are on a special journey, supported by a sense of generousness and cooperation that you could call a Vincentian spirit…combined with everyone's rich personal histories and experiences, led to many interesting conversations about religion, politics, history and other parts of culture - not the least of which were enthusiastic discussions about food and wine."

  • "More knowledge is usually better than ignorance, and more linked areas of knowledge are better then isolated fragments. The biggest impression I take from this trip is one of previously separate bits of information floating around in my head being developed, linked, and honed by the experience."

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