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Faculty and Staff Tour 2002

DePaul Tour Participants Included:

Doris Brown Academic Affairs
Katie Butwin Offic​​e of the General Counsel
Kevin Collins,CM Mission and Values
Ludovic Comeau, Jr. SNL
Carol Damron ISAG/IS
Cheryl Einsele Controller's Office
Gina Galluppi Development
Andrea Gully Development
Greg Hallam Career Colleges of Chicago
Jessica Hallam Office of the Secretary
James Halstead Religious Studies
Laura Hartman Academic Affairs
Kelly Johnson Academic Affairs
Tracy Krauchun Development
Lisa Lamszus Academic Affairs
Morgen MacIntosh Special Collections/Archives
Donna Max CTI
Joan Mitchanis Special Collections/Archives
Anne Morley CTI
Michael V. Smith School of Music
Susan Wallace Financial Affairs
Rafaela Weffer Academic Affairs
Christine Werdrick Nursing
David Womack Student Affairs (Barat)
Richard Young Mission and Values

Group members were asked to share their experiences with their colleagues after returning to DePaul. They were also asked to submit two short reflections on the effect's of the trip on their work at the university and how they used their experiences in their work.

Selected Comments from Trip Participants

  • "I value the relationships and community that the Heritage Tour engendered among the participants. I value and appreciate the connections I was able to make through the experience… through common experience and a developing understanding of Mission, we are able to accomplish and be more than any one part can be."

  • "DePaul University as a Vincentian institution and the employees are not living in isolation but are a part of a very special tradition and legacy created by one man - St. Vincent de Paul."

  • "The trip to France has given me a visual perspective in which to frame St. Vincent. No longer when I hear the phrase "Vincentian ideals" will I have the same image in mind. Instead, I will have a picture of a life lived in service of others and a life lived in service of those in need."

  • "I think I am more aware of the world around me and how I can make it better."

  • "This university, our mission, and the people who work here are elements of a 400 year old tradition of people working with other people so as to enrich human lives - the served and the servers. At DePaul, the mix includes a combination of education, friendship, colleagueship and a generic humanitarian vision all done in a crazy world."

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