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Faculty and Staff Tour 2000

DePaul tour participants included:

Luz Agosto Human Resources
Margaret Anderson President's office
Enrique Arias School for New Learning
Tom Croak History Department
MariAnn Curta Center for University Values
Kay Dabrowski External Relations
Kathryn DeGraff ​​Archives/Special Collections
Alice Farrell University Mission Office
Brad Fiorito Development
Michael Gibbs President's Office
Gail Gottner Controller's Office
Harvette Grey Cultural Center
Don Hermann College of Law
Kathy Jones Procurement & Payment
Katie Kutina Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joan Lakebrink School of Education
Pat Mikos Community Relations
Annie Smith Academic Affairs
Timothy Spraggins Multi-cultural Student Affairs
Charles Stevens Sociology Department
Margaret Stryzinski School of Education
Mark Waslewski Administration
Elaine Watson Vice President for Administration and Secretary of the University

Group members were asked to share their experiences with their colleagues after returning to DePaul. They were also asked to submit two short reflections on the effect's of the trip on their work at the university and how they used their experiences in their work.

Selected Comments from Trip Participants

  • "I came back with a renewed sense of knowing St. Vincent as a person. It makes me approach my work with greater appreciation of what DePaul is all about."

  • "I learned a great deal, and fell I did benefit as a person and an employee."

  • "I loved everything but was especially interested in walking where Vincent walked and feeling such a sense of his greatness everywhere we went."

  • "I most enjoyed the fact that we saw so much in one brief trip, and that the thread of St. Vincent's life provided the story, or spine, for the tour."

  • "For long time staff, the trip provided an incredible opportunity to obtain meaning to our mission."

  • "I thought we bonded well with each other and strengthened each other's motivation to keep up the good work at DePaul."

  • "The trip built a tremendous sense of community, and I think as many DePaul people as possible should have the experience."

  • "I have already urged colleagues who are committed to the Vincentian mission to attend when offered."

  • "I was very moved by the Vincentian sites-they were beyond my expectations."

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