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DePaul Net Impact

DePaul Net Impact(DNI) is a chapter of the international non-profit organizationNet Impact. It is the mission of DePaul Net Impact to provide DePaul University students a platform to engage with and become part of a network of leaders who believe in the power of individuals to create positive economic, environmental,andsocial change in their community.

Net Impact is a well-established, nationally recognizedorganization focused on the potential for businessesand non-profitsto have positive social impact.At 100,000 strong, with 300 global chapters, Net Impact chapters take on social challenges, protect the environment and orient businesses and products toward the greater good.Although Net Impact was created mostly in business schools, member chapters have broadened their approach to include members from many programs, disciplines, and schools.

A vibrant, active DePaul Net Impactchapter provides a unique opportunity to engage students to further examine, explore, and articulate their desire for positive social impact, broadly considered.

Email us at sustainability@depaul.edu

or Depaulnetimpact@gmail.com