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Meet Me at the Mission Events Spring Quarter

Meet Me at the Mission: Vincentian Heritage Initiative
is an invitation for DePaul undergraduate students to explore what it means to be a Vincentian leader and how to use their gifts and passions to respond to the needs of the world. In line with Vision 2018 Goal 3, this program is designed to “expand and deepen engagement of all students with DePaul’s Catholic and Vincentian mission.” The program is customizable and flexible, open to any student, any major, and any year.

To join the program and to RSVP to upcoming events visit the Office for Mission and Values OrgSync Portal.

For questions or more information contact Joyana Dvorak at jjacoby5@depaul.edu, 773.325.7569 or visit her in LPC Student Center 310. 

Meet Me at the Mission Program Pillars: The program is rooted in four pillars:

  • History & Living Legacy: Learn stories of the history and legacy of Vincent de Paul and other founding Vincentian family members. Explore stories of Vincent and Louise that formed them to be leaders. Apply the Vincentian wisdom and values to your own life experiences.
  • Spirituality: Get in touch with what brings you alive and sustains you to answer the Vincentian question "What must be done?" Delve deeper into our founders’ spiritual way rooted in the Catholic tradition and service. Explore Vincentian spirituality and how to approach the world in a reflective, aware, intentional Vincentian way.
  • Service & Systemic Change: Learn about the Vincentian way of listening to the dignity of every human story. Take time to reflect on your experiences of service and explore our Vincentian commitment to systemic change. Learn about the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and discover your role as a Vincentian in creating another world.
  • Leadership: Explore the stories of Vincent and Louise that formed them to be leaders. You will be invited to relate their approach to your own leadership journey. As a Vincentian leader, learn how and when to ask the Vincentian question “What must be done?” to respond to the needs of our world

Program Steps:

Step 1: Complete the Meet Me at the Mission Agreement form after participating in a workshop or event

  • Declare your intent to participate in a minimum of 5 workshops by filling out the OrgSyn form on the Office for Mission & Values OrgSync Portal
  • Find the form on Office for Mission & Values OrgSync Portal:  https://orgsync.com/109225/forms/271796
  • Filling out the form will ensure that we can track your participation. 
  • Student can join the program at any time during their DePaul career. It is open to any student, any major, any year.

Step 2:  Attend Meet Me at the Mission programming

  • A variety of trainings, workshops, and events will be offered each quarter around the 4 main pillars.
  • Some of these workshops will be embedded into already established student programming and trainings.
  • Many events will be peer facilitated with current DePaul students sharing their lived, Vincentian experience. 

Step 3: Create Your Vincentian Story

  • After completing a minimum of 4 workshops/events (at least one from each pillar) students are invited to the Vincentian Mash-Up Capstone reflection workshop
  • Create your Vincentian narrative and apply it your personal and professional life after DePaul. See an examples here: Emily Becker Lizbeth Sanchez Patrick Pfohl Jordan Battaglia
  • Upon successful completion of this integrative reflection, students will receive a certificate of completion at the Year End Celebration in May
  • 2017 VHT Medium reflections: https://medium.com/vincentian-heritage-tour

Benefits of Completion

  • Certificate of completion for your resume and portfolio
  • Qualify to apply for the Vincentian Heritage Tour after completing 3 pillars. Students may apply for the VHT their sophomore, junior or senior year at DePaul. 
  • Name entered into quarterly raffle for $75 Barnes & Noble book gift certificate.
  • Coveted cord recognizing commitment to the Vincentian mission to be worn at graduation.
  • Deepened understanding of the Vincentian mission and values.
  • Reflective space to discover your Vincentian vocation, build community and grow spiritually.
  • Opportunity to apply to be a peer facilitator of future workshops to further enhance your Vincentian voice and leadership skills.

Other Qualifying Experiences

Beyond the quarterly Meet Me at the Mission events, the following on-going experiences also count towards completion of the different pillars in the program. If you have had another significant experience that has shaped you as a Vincentian leader in a meaningful way contact Joyana Dvorak to see if it qualifies for one of the pillars.

Academic Courses

  • CTH 290: The Life & Times of Vincent DePaul (History)
  • CTH 247: Roman Catholic Social Thought in Context: Transformative Models of Vincentian Leadership (Leadership)

Leadership Experiences

The following offices and programs integrate Meet Me at the Mission into their on-going leadership development programs:

VIA Service Immersion Leader (Service & Leadership)
DCSA Coordinator (Service & Leadership)
Vincent & Louise House participants (will complete all 4 pillars during year)
DePaul Leadership Scholars (DELS will complete through their scholarship experiences)
Chicago Quarter Mentors (Leadership)*
Orientation Leaders (Leadership)*
Jumpstart: Steans Center*
McCormick Community Internship: Steans Center
Community Partners Internship: Steans Center
Health Educator Action Team: Office of Health, Wellness & Promotion
STARS Peer Mentors
OMSS First Year Scholars
OMSS Edge Team
OMSS Second Year Scholars
Center for Identity, Inclusion & Social Change EDGE Team
Office of Religious Diversity Interfaith Scholars
Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) Student Leaders
Campus Recreation Student Workers*

*Must attend the Mission and Values session during your orientation/training to receive credit for this pillar.

Service Experiences

VIA Service Immersion participant (Service)
Vincentian Lay Missionaries (Service) 

Customized Meet Me at the Mission Workshops

If you are a student, staff or faculty interested in hosting a Meet Me at the Mission workshop with one of your student groups or communities please contact Joyana Dvorak at jjacoby5@depaul.edu or Gracie Covarrubias at gcovarr1@depaul.edu . Together we can design a training around any of the pillars that meets the needs of your community.