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From time to time, the Steering Committee of the DES surveys the membership to verify DES is meeting the interests and needs of the members. Once the surveys have been completed and analyzed, the results will be posted here.

During the first full year of the DePaul Emeritus Society the membership was surveyed to determine its interests, preferences, and volunteer inclinations. Following are the results of DES’ inaugural survey in 2008.

Cover Letter
Survey Appendix
Survey Findings
Steering Committee Action Plans
Survey Tally

The DePaul Emeritus Society conducted a survey of its membership in the late spring and early summer of 2012. Below is the summary and the results.

Full Report
Summary Report

At the meeting of November 1, 2013, the DES Committee on Special Events and Projects (Dave Sims and Helen Marlborough) asked those in attendance to complete a two-part survey that would help to identify their preferences for future DES programs. Below are the Survey results

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