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The DePaul Emeritus Society relies on an elected Steering Committee for leadership and direction in its events and programs. Elected by their peers, the Steering Committee meets regularly, reviewing all aspects of DES activity and communication. Steering Committee members are available to help with any questions or feedback members may have about DES activities.

A guideline for DES leadership and operation was approved in 2013 and may be viewed here.

Steering Committee Leadership

Jerry Goldman, Chair

Susan Kosinski, Vice-Chair

H. Jean Bryan

Kathryn DeGraff

Jeanne LaDuke

Nancy Rospenda, Secretary

Helen Marlborough

Standing Committee Leadership

Communications and Membership Committee
Nancy Rospenda, Chairperson
Kathryn DeGraff, Vice-chairperson

Philanthropy Committee
Susan Kosinski, Co-chairperson
H. Jean Bryan, Co-chairperson

Retiree Benefits Committee
Jeanne LaDuke, Chairperson
Jerry Goldman, Vice-chairperson

Special Events and Projects Committee
Helen Marlborough, Chairperson