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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want a DePaul ID card now that I am retired?

​​​Your DePaul ID card entitles you to continue using many university resources, such as the library and computer labs, some of which require ID cards to swipe doors open.  In addition, there are places and events where presenting your ID card will get you a university discount, such as the on-campus Barnes & Noble stores, and other vendors as listed at​

How can I get in touch with another retiree?

Contact Alice Farrell in the Office of Mission and Values at 312/362-8822 or ​

I don’t think I still have an active e-mail address at DePaul. How can I get one?

​​​All retirees may continue to use their DePaul e-mail accounts through Microsoft Outlook.  To find out how to access your e-mail account, please contact the Technology Contact Center at 312/362-8765.​

Where can I get a Campus Connect password?

​​​You must have a valid user name and password to use Campus Connect.  If you have forgotten your name and password, or need one established, please contact the Technology Contact Center at 312/362-8765.  You will find that other DePaul sites require your Campus Connect user name and password to access online services, such as the library and Human Resources.​

I don’t live in the area. What opportunities are there for out-of-state retirees to keep in contact with DePaul and other retirees?

​​​DePaul retirees across the country can still connect with new and old university friends through the DES newsletter, DES Facebook group, Alumni Relations events, Blue Demon road games, Vincentian Heritage Tours, and direct contact by phone, letter, or e-mail using DePaul’s online directory at​.

I have DePaul memorabilia, photos from parties at the college, and other DePaul related items. Does DePaul want these things?

​​​We sure do! Photos and memorabilia of DePaul events and historical moments are welcome additions to the DES Memorabilia Project. This project is housed in the University Archives. Details on valued items and how to donate them may be obtained by contacting University Archives at 773/325-2167.​

I have a problem with my health insurance. Whom do I contact?

​​​For information on your benefits, you may contact the Human Resources Department.​

I’d love to attend the luncheon, but I don’t drive. Is there someone I can contact to find out if I can get a ride?

​​​If you live in the greater Chicagoland area, and would like transportation assistance to attend a luncheon, please contact Alice Farrell in the Office of Mission and Values at 312/362-8822 or  Alice coordinates the luncheons and the guest list, and may be able to find another retiree from your neighborhood who can drive you to campus.​

I’m updating my will/trust. If I want to include DePaul as one of my beneficiaries, what do I do?

​​To make an estate donation, please contact Joel Schaffer in the Office of Planned Giving or 312/362-5319.  The Office of Development has developed an estate gift confirmation form, which can be found online at​​​

I have moved. What is the easiest way to update my demographic information?

​​​The easiest and most up-to-date method to change your information is through Campus Connect. Once you are logged in, you will see a menu item marked “Demographic Portfolio” on the left side of your screen. You may make all necessary changes there, including home and e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and emergency information. If you are not a Campus Connect user, you may contact Human Resources to change your information. The best person to contact is Diana Chin at 312/362-6119 or

I would love to get together with other DePaul retirees in addition to the luncheon gatherings. Are there other opportunities or a way to contact retirees to see if they would like to go to a concert, basketball game, etc.?

DePaul retirees can connect with each other through the DES Facebook group, or by getting contact information for other retirees from Alice Farrell in the Office of Mission and Values at or 312/362-8822. Events and social opportunities can be found at a variety of online departmental calendars.  Visit such sites as Athletics, Music andTheatre Schools, News & Events section of Campus Connect, Newsline Online, and theDePaulia Online.​

How can I get a DePaul Information Directory?

​​​DePaul’s online Information Directory may be accessed at The current directory will assist you in contacting faculty, staff and university departments. To request contact information for fellow retirees, please contact Alice Farrell in the Office of Mission and Values at 312/362-8822 or​

How can I access DePaul’s library from home?

​​​DePaul’s online library services may be used at off-campus locations. T​o access these services, you will need a Campus Con​nect user name and password.​