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To foster growth and continued active participation within the university, four DES subcommittees were developed. Each with a distinct purpose, these committees meet and/or communicate on a regular basis to plan and facilitate events and programs for DES. Each committee is comprised of a chair who is a Steering Committee member, and volunteers from DES members. Interested members may contact the chair or vice-chair/co-chair of each committee to express interest in volunteering.

Steering Committee The Steering Committee meets approximately four times a year to plan semi-annual luncheons and suggest annual outings; to identify candidates for the oral history project, to raise retiree benefit issues of concern; to determine annual fund raising goals and follow up, to discuss Newsletter, DES News Updates and DES Facebook content; and, in general to focus the direction of the DES.

Standing Committees These are the four other committees that serve the DePaul Emeritus Society: Benefits Committee, Communication and Membership Committee, Special Events and Projects Committee, Philanthropy Committee.