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Oral Histories

The Oral History Program at DePaul University is co-sponsored by the Office of Mission and Values and the DePaul Emeritus Society. The program seeks to use the oral history format to document the contributions made to DePaul University by its faculty and staff. Every faculty and staff retiree is invited to participate in this program at the time of their retirement. The length of an oral history interview is usually determined by the comfort level of the interviewee with the oral history format, and the impact of the person’s contributions to the university. Occasionally, the program does a themed set of interviews such as reminiscences about the impact of the great Chicago flood of 1992 on the university. In addition to the documentary and digital records possessed by the university’s archives, oral histories have the advantage of producing a more personal and conversational record that always provides a rich complementary record to more traditional formats. Together, these archived resources will contribute to the present generation’s responsibility to document the university’s history for posterity. The final oral history interviews are edited to maximize sound quality. Each interview is accompanied by a written transcript. In some cases, condensed versions of longer interviews are prepared, but in every case the integrity of the full impact of the dialogue between the interviewing historian and the interviewee is preserved. ​