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Christine Littlefield

Case Studies and Program Notes

Depaul Ireland - Video Transcript
Collaboration Case Study
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Depaul Ireland - Video Transcript - Spanish Translation
Collaboration Case Study - Spanish Translation
Presentation Overview - Spanish Translation
Depaul Ireland - Video Transcript - French Translation
Presentation Overview - French Translation

Biographical Information

Christine Littlefield has worked in the homeless sector for 9 years and with DePaul Ireland since 2006. Christine started as a part time staff member and has worked in most of DePaul Ireland's services as project staff or in management positions before moving to the Senior Services Manager role in 2011 with responsibility for all DePaul Ireland services in the Republic of Ireland. Christine is currently transferred into the Senior Communications and Fundraising role for an eighteen month period to develop the fundraising department as DePaul Ireland moves into its 11th year in operation.

Christine studied politics and sociology in University College Dublin and holds a master's degree in Criminology from Queens University. Christine has studied management and leadership in the homeless sector in Dublin City University and has a diploma in Fundraising Management from Dublin City University.

Christine's particular areas of interest are in social justice and exclusion, criminology, penal policy and restorative justice. Christine participated in the DePaul International Vincentian leadership course and has particular interest in Vincentian leadership and values and change leadership.​