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Christine Demeyer-Peeters

Case Studies and Program Notes

Transparency Case Study - French
Transparency Case Study - English
Transparency Case Study - Spanish
Organizational Chart - French
Organizational Chart - English

Biographical Information

Personal data:
Name : Demeyer-Peeters
First Name : Christine
Born on : May 31, 1944
Address : Rue Henri Wafelaerts 59 - 1060 Brussels – Belgium
Email : cabinet@peeters-demeyer.be

: Doctor of Law - Catholic University of Louvain

Present Occupations :

  • Lawyer
  • Junior Lecturer at Léonard de Vinci High School - Brussels
  • AIC Volunteer since 1970. She was successively:
  • Member of a local AIC group for 22 years
  • President of a local AIC group during 10 years
  • President of the Board of Directors of the Center of Social Services of Brussels South-East, made up of 6 local AIC groups during 15 years
  • Member of the Board of Directors of AIC-Belgium
  • Member of the Executive Board of AIC (Treasurer) and in charge of the statutory and legal aspects from 1994 to 2002

At present she is :

  • AIC-Belgium’s Board of Directors Observer and Legal Adviser
  • Member of the team of the AIC International Secretariat
  • Member of the Board of Directors of AIC Solidarité since 2004
  • Member of different commissions supporting the AIC Executive Board
  • AIC Legal Adviser