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Systemic Change Orientation

Vincentian Systemic Change Orientation
September 23-24, 2011

This DePaul University Midwest Vincentian Family Systemic Change Orientation is a commitment that emerged from the U.S.-Canada Vincentian Family Systemic Change Meeting in November 2010. This orientation hopes to advance the following goals:

  1. To introduce and/or deepen the understanding of the process of systemic change as a way of promoting on-going development of persons living in poverty
  2. To familiarize participants with a fundamental knowledge to promote systemic change within the Vincentian family and broader society
  3. To develop strategies for continued education and awareness of systemic change
  4. To provide opportunities for inter-Vincentian Family exchange of plans for future promotion and collaboration
  5. To share this emerging understanding of the Vincentian charism as promoted by the worldwide Vincentian family

83 registrants participated in the different sessions throughout the two day experience. 26 evaluations were collected. The average overall rating of the Systemic Change Orientation was 4.7/5.00. Here is a breakdown of the evaluations per session.

Day 1​​
Average Session Rating
Presentation 1: C.J. Willie, D.C.
Presentation 2: C.J. Willie, D.C.    ​​​
Presentation 3: Guillermo Campuzano, C.M.  
World Café Session
Presentation 4: Panel 
Poster Presentations & Further Engagement w/ Presenters
Day 2
Average Session Rating
Presentation 5: C.J. Willie, D.C.
Dialogue Space and Praxis   ​​
Presentation 6: Siobhan O'Donoghue and Scott Kelley
Dialogue Space and Praxis- Reflection 
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