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What the heck is "Vincentian Personalism anway?"

This was a question asked recently at a new employee orientation offered by the Office of Mission and Values. It is an important question.

Over the years, the university community has use the phrase "Vincentian Personalism" to capture the ways in which our Vincentian identity, values, and mission are lived out at DePaul; especially in how we serve our students, how the university relates to its employees, and how we relate to each other. While the term is a popular one with the university community, its exact meaning can be illusive as can be clarity as to the means by which the university puts this value into practice. This in-service will provide opportunity's for this important question to be asked and answered as part of an ongoing university dialogue.

The in-service normally lasts for 90 minutes and includes:

  • " A presentation on how the life of Vincent de Paul can give us insights into the meaning of the concept of "Vincentian personalism."
  • An exploration of the different perspectives that members of the university community have with respect to "Vincentian personalism," and what this value concretely demands of us as individuals, and as an institution.

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