​PC Classrooms are hybrid computer labs/classrooms that provide the same teaching experience as Technology Equipped Classrooms with the addition of individual computers for each student. A PC classroom provides access to an Intelliprint station directly in the room. PC Classrooms located on the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses can be reserved by completing the forms found at DePaul Room Scheduling​, while the PC Classrooms located on the O'Hare, Naperville and Oak Forest campuses can be reserved by contacting the Campus Administrator of each respective campus. For questions about PC Classrooms, email academicspace@depaul.edu.
All computers in PC Classrooms have the same standard lab software that is provided in all computer labs. If the software you need is not on the list, follow the procedure outlined here to have the software installed.

PC Classroom Locations:​

​Campus ​Room Number Number of Computer Stations​​
Loop​ ​Daley Building 1325 53
​Daley Building 1326 34
​Daley Building 1327 29
​Lewis Center 1307 27
​Lewis Center 1308 41
​Lewis Center 1309 37
DePaul Center 6306​ 25
LPC​ ​Schmitt Academic Center 232 ​43
​Schmitt Academic Center 240 35
​Byrne 358 17
Arts and Letters 110​ ​48
Naperville​ ​Naperville 140 ​20
O'Hare​ ​O'Hare 204 ​39
​​​​​​​​​​^ These labs are equipped with scanners attached to PCs available for student use.​​​​