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​​​Admitted Undergraduate GGP Student Next Steps

The first step in applying for your visa is submitting the documents to receive a Form I-20.  Visa application information is available here

Undergraduate GGP students are required to live on campus in the University Center Chicago (UCC).  

Students that have been admitted to the GGP program and paid their Study Group deposit should reserve a room. Students must pay a $400 housing deposit to DePaul University and complete a Housing Application.

All DePaul housing leases start at the beginning of the Fall quarter and end at the end of the Spring quarter, typically in mid-June.  Students who begin during the Summer Quarter or who will continue in the GGP after the Spring term may make arrangements with the UCC Summer housing program UCC Summer Housing or may move to other DePaul Housing as desired.   

Reserving your room

Students apply for housing through DePaul Housing.  All applications must include a $400 deposit to reserve a space.  Students should request the University Center in the Housing Agreement.

Winter Break

During the December Intersession, the University Center Chicago is open.  Though The Cafe (dining hall) is open during the December Intersession, DePaul meal plans cannot be used from the end of the Fall quarter to the start of the Winter quarter.   Students may purchase “Flex Dollars” if they wish to use the dining hall during the break. 

All students are allowed to leave their belongings in their assigned room during the winter break, regardless of whether the student is on campus during winter break. However, any perishable food should be removed from the residence hall prior to a student leaving campus for winter break.

Meal Plans

All GGP students are required to use the Standard 15 meal per week plan.  Students MAY NOT change their meal plan to a plan with fewer meals - these are for students living off campus. Meal plan information is available here.

Are meal plans included in the Housing fees?

No, meals and housing fees are charged separately.  This is how billing works: Study Group only charges for tuition.  DePaul will bill students for everything else – housing, meals, fees and insurance.  These charges will appear on your student bill when they arrive on campus and you will pay them like any other DePaul student.  The charges may not appear until after students arrive, so please be patient and check your DePaul Student Account often.

Where will I eat my meals?

Students staying in the UCC are required to purchase a university dining plan.   Students just take their ID cards to the dining facilities at the UCC (The Cafe) and they will be allowed to eat (no cash required).  

Note that the DePaul meal plan is not available during the December Intersession and that The Cafe is closed for a short period around the Christmas holidays.   Students wishing to use the meal plan during the December Intersession must purchase additional Flex Dollars or make other arrangements for their meals.  Students must make other arrangements for their meals for the week the dining hall is closed.

Questions about On-Campus Housing?

Contact the DePaul Housing using the Contact Us form or you can call the main office at (773) 325-7196.

All undergraduate students must take the Math Placement Test to ensure that you are registered for the correct math courses. Please note, it is a violation of academic integrity to have outside help during the test, to have someone else take the test on behalf of the student or to cheat.  This test does NOT affect admission to DePaul or the Pathway.   

 Students will be placed in math courses based on their ability and degree requirements.  



You will receive an email with your user name and password after June 1.  If you have not received that email, please contact us at


Students can navigate to the online placement process by going into Campus Connect and following "Admitted Student Home Page" > "Next Steps" tile > "Placement Process (undergrad)."  

 This link gives step by step instructions including screenshots to assist students in this process:

  **Please note, once you log-in to Campus Connect, you will begin to receive emails directly from DePaul University.  These emails DO NOT APPLY to Pathway students. All communication about your housing, visa, arrival, class schedule and orientation is through Study Group or GGP DePaul.  Once you register for Campus Connect, please disregard ANY emails from DePaul until after you arrive in Chicago. If you have questions about any emails you receive, please contact us at   

Class Registration

Global Gateway Program staff will pre-register you for your classes before you arrive. Your English proficiency will be re-tested when you arrive to be sure the classes you have been assigned are the right ones for you.  Sample GGP Study Plans for the on-ground and on-campus GGP can be found here.


While you are in the GGP you are a DePaul student.  However, you are in a special status as a GGP student since you take both GGP classes and DePaul content classes.  You can find all the DePaul academic rules and policies in the current year’s Undergraduate Catalog. You can find all of the GGP academic rules and policies in the GGP Student Handbook.

English Proficiency Testing

During orientation, all arriving students will be tested for English proficiency.   This test will address all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Though there is no way to study for this test, students can practice their listening skills by reading and listening to podcasts, TED talks, and international news (in English).  

Students whose test results differ significantly from those at time of admission may be placed in a different level than was indicated on the offer letter . As a result, the length of study may be longer than originally anticipated and may require extra costs for which the Student will be responsible.

Change of Major

During your time in the GGP, your major will remain whatever you said it would be at the time of application. GGP students interested in changing majors  will meet with their GGP advisor to discuss the process. Please be aware that different majors have different admission and course requirements; the requirements can be found here.

Time off during the GGP

Students are required to complete their study plans by remaining on campus for consecutive Fall, Winter Spring and Summer quarters. Students are encouraged to travel during school holidays or breaks between quarter (ie. December Intersession, spring break, and between the end of the Summer quarter and start of the Fall quarter).

Earning GGP Credits 

The GGP Study Plan provides a general overview of the courses students might take during their time in the Global Gateway Program. This overview lists the required coursework for the program, including EAP classes (English for Academic Purposes) and DePaul academic courses.

Transferring Credits to DePaul

Undergraduate students who have taken university credits prior to the GGP will have their credits evaluated at matriculation. To evaluate the courses, you will need:

Course-by Course Evaluation - Applicants with international university credit (regardless of the amount of credit earned or grades) will be required to complete a course-by-course evaluation by one of the following evaluation companies:

You will need to fill out the evaluation company's online application, pay the evaluation fee and submit all required educational credentials as described on their website.  

Course-by Course Evaluation - Applicants with international university credit (regardless 

You will need to fill out the evaluation company's online application, pay the evaluation fee and submit all required educational credentials as described on their website.  

Please be aware that, you may be asked by the Transfer Articulation Center (TrAC) to provide official course descriptions and/or course syllabi of your international university credit with official word-for-word English translations stamped by the translation service.  If requested, please submit these items directly to TrAC at

Once you arrange your travel plans, complete the Arrival Form and email it to Make sure to schedule your arrival no later than the published arrival date since orientation is mandatory. Global Gateway Program students who arrive at O’Hare International Airport on Arrival Day each quarter between 8am and 5pm are eligible for free transportation from O’Hare to the University Center. Flight details must be received at least 7 days prior to Arrival Day.

This Pre-Arrival Guide will help you with planning and packing!

Arriving before the Arrival Date

If you are arriving in Chicago before the designated arrival day, you will need to arrange for accommodation at a nearby hotel at your expense. Please click on the following link to suggested hotels with DePaul University discounts.

Hotel Partners with DePaul University:  The hotels listed at the link below are convenient to DePaul students and are willing to rent to students who are 18 years old. DePaul and the GGP do not advocate for these hotels; this list is for your convenience if you choose to stay at one of these hotels.  Please let Gretchen or Timothy know if you have any questions about hotels.

If you are arriving outside of the official arrival times, you are responsible for your own transportation from the airport. There are many options that range in price and convenience including an airport shuttle, train, taxi or ride share: Airport Transportation Options

Again, if you should have any questions about your arrival to Chicago and the Global Pathway Program, please contact us at 

Enrollment is contingent upon satisfactory academic performance through all of your educational terms. Send us your official, final transcript from the institution you most recently attended as soon as it becomes available. 

Submit your transcript to:

  • DePaul University
    International Admission
    1 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 9300
    Chicago, IL 60604 USA

You can also submit your official, final transcript at orientation.  

Note:  If you should fall below the academic standards on which your admission was based or exhibit a significant change in character, DePaul has the right to revoke your offer of admission, withdraw you from any courses for which you have registered and institute additional requirements for reapplication.

If you’ve completed exams through Advanced Placement (AP) courses, A & A/S Level (Cambridge International Examinations) and/or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, you may receive course credit from DePaul based on your scores/transcripts.

NOTE:  The GGP is a cohorted program with a set curriculum that is taken by all students.  Any advanced credit will not be applied until AFTER you successfully complete the GGP.

You may have your scores/transcripts sent electronically by the testing agency, or you may mail them to:

DePaul University

Office of Undergraduate Admission

1 E. Jackson Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60604

Learn more about DePaul’s Test Credit and Placement process.

Arrival & Orientation Program

During the Arrival Program you will complete all the required steps to prepare for the start of the GGP. Orientation provides an opportunity to learn more about DePaul University facilities and resources, and experience what makes Chicago and the University unique. The first few days of orientation will include fun and interactive workshops, presentations and activities to start your success at DePaul.

During Arrival Week, you will participate in/complete the following tasks:

  • International Student Check-In: Bring your I-20, passport, and I-94

  • SEVIS Session: International Student & Scholar Services Presents: Learn About your I-20, visa, immigration rules and regulations, etc.

  • ID Card: Get your DePaul University ID card

  • Document Collection: Submit official transcripts, diploma, FERPA and Health Forms

  • Campus Tour: Visit all the important buildings on campus and access to transportation

  • Academic/Advising Overview: Learn more about your study plan, expectations, requirements, attendance, and all the resources available for you to succeed in the GGP and at DePaul.

  • Student Experience: How to get involved, community services, student involvement, activity calendars, conversation partners, student life at DePaul and in Chicago

  • Health and Safety: Public safety, health promotion and wellness, University counseling, campus recreation, and spiritual life

  • Campus Connect and D2L: Learn about your email account, online resources, and D2L 

  • The American Classroom: Plagiarism & Academic Integrity: Learn about the expectations of student, faculty and academic integrity at DePaul. 

  • English Examination: Confirm your English language level placement 

  • Involvement Fair: Learn about campus extracurricular programs, support services, and school year activities 

  • Social Events: Visit the Art Institute of Chicago, take a City Tour, and explore the Lincoln Park Zoo with fellow classmates and staff. Fun and free

Academic Calendar

The University is officially closed on these dates:

  • New Year’s Day (January)

  • MLK Day (January)

  • Good Friday to Easter (one Friday to Sunday in March/April)

  • Memorial Day (May)

  • 4th of July (July)

  • Labor Day (September)

  • Thanksgiving (November – Wednesday-Sunday)

  • Christmas (third week in December -January 2)

Please see the full Academic Calendar for exact dates.  During Spring Break, typically the end of March, there are no classes but the University is open. 

GGP students will have to pay both Study Group and DePaul while in the program.  These payments are done through two different systems.

  • GGP students pay Study Group for tuition.  

    • Study Group will send invoices to GGP students via their email on file.

    • Study Group bills can be accessed via invoices, which are emailed from Study Group or your agent to your email address on file.  There should be a link on the last page of the invoice you receive.

    • Study Group bills can also be accessed via the Study Group Pay portal - using the Study Group Student ID (*not the DePaul ID number).

  •  GGP students pay DePaul University for health insurance, housing, meal plans, and fees.  

    • DePaul bills can be accessed via the DePaul e-PAY/e-BILL System available through Campus Connect. 

      • Credit Card, Debit Card and eCheck payments can be made online by logging on to your campus connect portal and clicking on the Student Accounts tile, then ePay/eBill.  

    • IMPORTANT:  Before each quarter you will get an email from DePaul's Student Financial Accounts notifying you that there is a bill due.  Wait for the email from the Student Financial Accounts before checking your bill. If you check your bill before you get the email from DePaul the bill might not be correct.

    • New students will not have access to this system until they arrive on campus.  New students must pay their fees by the end of the first week of classes.

Paying Fees and Housing to DePaul University

Student bills will are normally available in the Campus Connect after students are registered for the coming term

New GGP students may see a delay in their billing because it is connected to registration for classes.   Pre-registration for classes happens a few weeks before classes begin, so nothing for the next quarter will appear until that time. If this is the case, do not worry.

Do I need to purchase health insurance?

Students in the GGP are required to purchase health insurance.  The health insurance charges will automatically appear on each student’s DePaul account.  The insurance cost is $72 per month. Charges are applied each quarter.

The  international student insurance policy can be found here. Insurance charges are posted to student accounts in advance of quarter billing (if the student registered by that time) or after registration (if the student is registered after initial billing).

I paid by wire, but the credit is not showing?

First, it can take a couple days for this wire to appear on your account.  If you have waited, and the amount is still not appearing, please email the DePaul Central (, with a copy to GGP Staff (

Who do I contact with questions about my DePaul bills?

You can email DePaul Central (, with a copy to GGP Staff (

What if I pay late?

You may be charged a late fee.

What if I paid too much money to Study Group for my tuition?

If you overpaid your Study Group tuition bill, the money will be credited to your Study Group account for future Study Group tuition payments. However, if you are in your last quarter of the Global Gateway Program and you overpaid your Study Group tuition bill, then you must fill out the Refund Request Form.

To obtain the Refund Request Form, please email and share the reason for your specific request.

Do I have to pay my entire bill?

DePaul does offer payment plans. See the Payment Plans section on the DePaul Student Financial Accounts website.

What if I am studying in the GGP and want to cancel and go home, or don’t want to come back next quarter?

It is very important that you refer to the Acceptance of Offer and Terms & Conditions document that you signed when you decided to enter the GGP. It has a lot of important information regarding your financial commitments.


When I finish the GGP, can I get a scholarship?

Study Group does not manage scholarships for students who complete the GGP.  Once you have finished the GGP program, you may be eligible for a scholarship through individual academic departments or organizations. Information about academic scholarships can be found on DePaul's website.

Note:  Some scholarships are only available to U.S. citizens.

Your Student Success Manager is the first point of contact during your time in the GGP. Timothy du Vall-Brown, Senior Student Success Manager and Gretchen Frickx, Director GGP can be contacted by email or phone if you have questions.

DePaul University complies with Illinois state law, which requires students to provide proof of immunization for Tetanus/Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps and Rubella. 

Students should bring the completed Immunization Form and their health records to orientation.  Students can also email the form to prior to arrival.  

For more information visit: