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Microsoft Windows 8 How To

  1. To connect to the eduroam SSID on DePaul's campus and/or another participating universities' campus you need to configure your machine to use the eduroam SSID. To start the configuration, click on the WIFI NETWORK ICON in your tool bar, usually represented by a set of signal bars (and sometimes a * if you're not currently connected to a wireless network

  2. After clicking on the wifi icon in the tool bar, you should be presented a list of WIFI SSIDs that you can connect too. Look for the eduroam SSID and click on it once you find it. If you do not see it, you may not be in range of a wireless access point that is broadcasting the eduroam SSID
  3. Once you click on the eduroam SSID, it will prompt you if you would like to CONNECT AUTOMATICALLY, we recommend you check the box to connect automatically and then click CONNECT
  4. At this point your machine may prompt you to confirm you want to CONNECT to the eduroam SSID. You will need to click CONNECT to continue the process. Depending on your machine, you may be prompted a 2nd time before or after you are prompted for your username and password. Please ensure you click CONNECT each time you are prompted
  5. Now that you have confirmed you want to connect to the wireless network you will be prompted for your USERNAME and PASSWORD. To successfully connect ENSURE that USE MY WINDOWS USER ACCOUMT check box IS NOT CHECKED and then enter your username formatted as USERNAME@DEPAUL.EDU and your CampusConnect PASSWORD. Once you have entered your and password click the OK button
  6. You should now be CONNECTED to the eduroam SSID. You may need to repeat portions of this setup when visiting other universities that particiate in the eduroam program.

For Support

Call the Technology Support Center at 312-362-8765 to obtain assistance setting up your device.‚Äč