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Apple MAC OSX How To

Connecting to the eduroam network

  1. To connect to the eduroam SSID on DePaul's campus and/or another participating universities' campus you need to configure your machine to use the eduroam SSID. To start the configuration, click on the WIFI icon found on your TOOLBAR

  2. You will now see a list of available SSIDs on campus. To configure the eduroam SSID, click on the eduroam name in the list of SSIDs

  3. Next you will be prompted for a USERNAME and PASSWORD. Enter your username as USERNAME@DEPAUL.EDU where username is your CampusConnect Username. Then enter your CampusConnect Password into the PASSWORD field and click JOIN

  4. The next screen confirms you are connecting to the eduroam SSID and shows you the certificate that is being presented. Click CONTINUE to accept the certificate and continue connecting to the eduroam SSID.

  5. To complete accepting the certificate, you must type in YOUR LOCAL USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR YOUR APPLE into the NAME and PASSWORD fields before clicking UPDATE SETTINGS

  6. Once you have completed these steps, you should see the eduroam SSID in the list of networks with a CHECK MARK next to it indicating you have successfully connected to the eduroam SSID

  7. If you make future changes to the eduroam SSID you may be prompted to ALLOW or ALWAYS ALLOW your system to access the stored information in your keychain. At a minimum, if prompted by this box, ensure you click ALLOW

For Support

Call the Technology Support Center at 312-362-8765 to obtain assistance setting up your device.‚Äč