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Android Mobile Device How To

Connecting to the eduroam network

  1. To connect to the eduroam SSID on DePaul's campus and/or another participating universities campus you need to configure your machine to use the eduroam SSID. To start the configuration, click on the SETTINGS ICON on your HOME SCREEN, typically an icon of a gear
  2. From the SETTINGS screen, choose the WI-FI menu to configure the wifi settings
  3. Within the WI-FI settings screen, you wil see a list of available SSID's. Choose the eduroam SSID from the list to configure it on your device
  4. You will now be prompted for your IDENTITY (username) and PASSWORD. Enter your identity/username as your CampusConnect username formatted as USERNAME@DEPAUL.EDU and then enter your CampusConnect password as the PASSWORD
    Additionally, the EAP Method should be PEAP, the Phase 2 authentication should be None, the CA Certificate should be Unspecificed and finally Anonymous Identity should be
  5. You should now be CONNECTED to the eduroam SSID. You may need to repeat portions of this setup when visiting other universities that particiate in the eduroam program.

For Support

Call the Technology Support Center at 312-362-8765 to obtain assistance setting up your device.