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Lincoln Park

1150 Fullerton
•2nd Floor (DePaul Space Only)
•3rd Floor
Athletic Center
•Building Lobby
•Gymnasium Lobby
•2nd Floor
•3rd Floor (Conference Room Only)
•4th Floor

Belden/Racine Hall
•1st - 5th Floors
Byrne Hall
•1st & 2nd Floors
•4th - 6th Floors

Centenial Hall
•3rd - 6th Floors
Corcoran Hall
•1st - 4th Floors

Cortelyou Commons
•Main Spaces
Clifton Residence Hall
•1st - 6th Floors

Vincent and Louise House
•All Units
Dietzen - 990 Fullerton
•1st & 2nd Floor - Classrooms

John T. Richardson Library
•1st - 4th Floors
•3rd Floor - Lounge
•4th Floor - Lounge and Room 400
•5th Floor - Lounge

Levan/O'Connell Bridge
•3rd - 5th Floors
•1st - 7th Floors

•1st Floor - North Side
McGowan North
•1st Floor - Lounges
•2nd Floor - Lounges

McGowan South
•1st - 3rd Floors
Munroe Hall
•1st - 6th Floors

Music School
•1st Floor - Lounge
•2nd Floor - Lounge
Ray Meyer Fitness Center
•Cafe Area
•All Townhomes
•1st - 5th Floors
Schmitt Academic Center
•1st Floor - Pit
•2nd Floor - Computer Labs
•3rd Floor - Northeast and Southwest side
•4th Floor - Conference Room
•5th Floor - Southwest side
Seton Hall
•2nd - 4th Floors
Sheffield Square
•2318 Sheffield
•2320 Sheffield
•2322 Sheffield
•2324 Sheffield
•2326 Sheffield
Student Center
•1st - 3rd Floors
Theatre School
•1st Floor - Lounge
Welcome Center
•1st Floor
Univeristy Hall
•1st - 4th Floors
Vincentian Residence
•1st - 4th Floors