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Air Space Policy

Information Services has implemented wireless LAN services on all DePaul campuses. Although WiFi allows tremendous mobility across DePaul's wireless network, it also means that the air space on campus serves as the transport medium for network connectivity. These guidelines outline the procedures and expectations of DePaul University faculty, staff and students with regards to the usage of radio air space.

Information Services has deployed wireless LAN services that operate according to the IEEE 802.11b/g/n specifications. This standard uses the FCC unlicensed 2.4 and 5 Ghz industrial/scientific/medical (ISM) band of the radio spectrum. In the future, Information Services may deploy other wireless services that use this or other unlicensed bands and if so, these guidelines would apply in those cases as well. These unlicensed bands are susceptible to interference from other wireless technologies that make use of the same spectrum space as do the wireless LAN devices. When multiple devices compete for the same spectrum space, interference can arise, which causes problems for reliable wireless communications. Interference can be severe enough to completely disrupt wireless LAN communications.

In order to assure the highest level of service to wireless LAN users, Information Services needs all DePaul University community users to help minimize the potential interference from competing wireless devices. Information Services requests that the use of all unlicensed spectrum space equipment be discontinued unless it is part of the wireless LAN deployment being done by Information Services on any DePaul-owned or DePaul-occupied property. Information Services will work with any group or person that may need to make use of wireless equipment for special requirements (e.g. teaching, research or other unique application).

Information Services does not actively patrol the wireless air space for interfering devices, but we may find conflicting devices or look for competing devices when troubleshooting wireless LAN problems. If we locate potentially conflicting devices that are interfering with anything attached to the wired or wireless portion of the DePaul University network, we will disable the conflicting device's access to the DePaul University network immediately. If the interfering device is not connected to the DePaul University network, we will insist that its operation on campus cease until provisions for it to interoperate with the network can be made. This pertains particularly to other wireless LAN access points (routers) and interconnection devices that are not supported nor managed by Information Services.‚Äč