DePaul Wireless - Recent Changes and Upcoming Plans

​In the interest of providing the best possible wireless service at DePaul, Information Services is frequently making changes and improvements.  This page is an abbreviated compilation of some of these changes that have been completed or are being planned.  
  • DePaul Wireless - Recent Updates

    DePaul Wireless - Recent Updates

    October 2016 Radius Authentication System Improvements Information Services administrators have made some additional configuration changes to the Radius Authentication system servers to improve system performance and reduce delays and failures in authenticating client devices.  ​On October 21, administrators updated the Lincoln Park authentication server to address some configuration errors that were problems with the way the server was using server resources.... read more
  • DePaul Wireless Coverage Changes

    DePaul Wireless Coverage Changes

    New Area Coverage Wireless coverage has recently be added in the basement of the CDM building (243 S. Wabash) to provide coverage in the Loop Fitness center​​.   New Residence Hall Coverage Pilot Information Services is piloting a new wireless coverage design for residence halls in an overall effort to improve coverage.  The initial pilot will be tested on the 2nd floor of Munroe Hall ​during the 2016 fall quarter.   ​ Full... read more
  • DePaul Wireless Coming Changes

    DePaul Wireless Coming Changes

    Stability Improvements Information Services engineers will be performing an upgrade of the Radius authentication system to a newer version.  This upgrade will provide improved performance and stability, as well as increased redundancy of servers available for use in authenticating user access to the DePaul wireless system.  ​Long Term Plans Information Services will conduct site surveys of DePaul’s campus spaces to develop a proposal to provide an updated,... read more