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Skype for Business FAQ

All current faculty, staff, and student employees are eligible.

All faculty and staff already have a Skype for Business account. Please see 'How do I log into Skype for Business?' for more information.

Download one of the following Skype for Business clients from our Software website. You will need administrative rights on your computer to install this software.

  • Skype for Business 2016 - available with Office 2016
  • Skype for Business 2015 (may also be branded Lync 2013) - available with Office 2013
  • Skype for Business on Mac - available with Mac OS X El Capitan  and macOS Sierra
  • Lync for Mac 2011 - available with Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Skype for Business mobile clients can be installed from your mobile App Store

Note: Windows users, if you are running Office 2010 or earlier, you need to upgrade to Office 2013 to use Skype for Business. The upgrade will also install the Skype for Business client for you so no further configuration is necessary. 

In the "Sign-in address" or "Email address" fields, enter your Campus Connect username followed by Please note that your long email address will not work. Use your Campus Connect password to log in. 

In the "Sign-in address" or "Email address" fields, you will need to use your Campus Connect username followed by Please note that your long email address will not work.

Information Services has procured a limited number of licenses for users that need to create meetings that require access from a phone line.  If you have a need to regularly create meetings accessible by phone dial-in (i.e. attendees that do not have a smart phone or computer capable of connecting to a Skype meeting), please contact the TSC and request a Skype Dial-in number.  

No. With the default settings, dial-in users will be connected as long as there is at least one person connected to the meeting using the Skype for Business client.
Yes. You can still use the IM chat and desktop sharing features of Skype for Business. In order to be seen or heard in a conference, you will need a camera and microphone.

Yes, on the Windows client only. You can search the Skype Directory or enter their SkypeID. They will need to accept your request to connect. Once accepted, wait until their status shows 'available' before attempting to communicate.


Yes. DePaul allows communication with all external Skype for Business users. You can add them to your contacts list if you know their Skype for Business username and their IT department has allowed communication with DePaul. Their username may or may not be the same as their e-mail address.

Information Services has tested several different combinations of webcams and headsets with Skype for Business.  Below we have listed both a modestly priced and a higher end option for headsets and webcams that worked well with Skype for Business during our testsing.  All these devices connect to your computer via USB.  You can find pricing for them from CDW at the links below.  



Yes. Please contact IS if you need help designing a Skype for Business conference room or huddle space. MPT provides assistance with consultation, design, equipment recommendation, installation and training.

Estimated Cost for Equipment

DePaul Skype Conference Room Equipment Estimate
* Note: the size of the monitor is determined by the seat furthest away from the screen.
 The data shown above is an estimation of cost based on previous installations. 

DePaul Skype Conference Room Add Ons
Group membership information is not currently provided within Skype for Business. If you need to see who is a member of a particular distribution group, that information is available within the Outlook Address Book.

Yes. Only the meeting organizer is required to have a Skype for Business account. All attendees may join the meeting using the Skype for Business Web App.

Yes. You can use the Skype for Business Web Scheduler to create a conference. Once created, you will need to copy and paste the meeting information into an e-mail and sent it to your attendees. To access the meeting, either click the link from your sent e-mail invite, or log back into the Web Scheduler. Select to join the meeting using the Skype Meetings App.