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Skype Best Practices

You may miss incoming messages or experience problems tracking them down if logged into multiple clients at the same time, so it is a good idea to log out of Skype from other clients if you are not actively using them.  
Wired networks provide for a better meeting experience than wireless connections. Audio quality is not optimal in wireless connections, so if you are speaking a lot or streaming from your device you should plan to be connectied via a wired hookup. Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections may also negatively affect audio quality.
Mac and mobile clients do not offer all the features of the Windows client.  Mac and mobile clients have also shown reliability problems in our testing, so we strongly recommend using a Windows computer to ensure the best Skype user experience. 
Check that your sound/speakers are not muted, that any external camers or headsets are plugged in and working, and you have already installed any drivers associated with them.  Also verify your settings in Skype to ensure they are using the devices you expect to be using.  
If you have multiple people in the same room, try to have only one computer logged in to the meeting to prevent audio feedback.  If you do have multiple participants in the same room on separate devices, make sure that only one has an active mic and/or speakers.